Saturday, 14 April 2018

Bhumi takes on the depression rap

No, I cannot get all gloomy drained sad again.
Miss on nothing and get deep attached again.
Coz he's a mess
And he'll mess my brain.
He is fake
And all my love will go in vain, ik.
I know it won't last forever.
Some things are supposed to end in December.
The year will change and so will the calendar
And my depression will peak up the standard.

All these nights, all these cries, all these voices;
Echo in my head, leave me with no choices.
But I am a man, not a chap, not your local pap.
I will do my shit and build my castle with all the shit I have.
Will slay the rules, climb the top, throw the mop yeah
Will make you woo in pain that'll be so 10/10.

They say,
things are supposed to last on forever,
but I think we were supposed to end in December.
Maybe let's break up like past November?
Ik you'll come back to eff me, shitty member.
You ain't no sick you're a bitch you never loved me.
You only wanted me sad, see the razor blade touch me .

Ik you only love it when my wrist, my shit bleeds like hell.
The scars will fade away but the wounds can't help, just swell.

You and I,
we both know who cry.
Every night.
Ig it's not working fine.
Time to go; I think I will leave, bye.
"See you later?" Eh, naah don't you even try.

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