Saturday, 14 April 2018

Some walls are built to be broken

He filled me. He made me feel whole;
But so silly of me to love him; oh baby he was a black hole,
Drained all my energy juices and filled the spaces with blurry clouds calling for his name.
But so silly of me to love him; it was all a part of his game.
And now I am scared to break these walls and step out again, it's scary.
Can't scream my mind out loud, so I poured it all to my diary.
But the sun still shines ik, like it used to do.
The stars still twinkle ik, like they used to do.
My heart is still beating ik, like it used to do.
But not for him now, "so who?"
For someone who ik will never leave.
For someone who, ik, will never cheat.
For a person so pretty, I am not afraid to loose myself.
Someone so beautiful like your fav book seated on a book shelf.
For someone who will carse the scars on my soul.
For someone who'll make me feel whole.
This time, I guess I found the right person.
I heard them whisper "best couple under the sun"
And I shied a lil and so did my better half;
after all we were one, we took a big ass chance.
Loosing him was scary, but loving someone again was daring.
I wanted to be on a safe side, feel my pain and whisper, "hey love, it's alright"
That's when I decided to stop and face the mirror,
This time I didn't see a competitor, but a lover.
A lover, who will love me as much as I will love her.
A lover, who knows deeply about my suffer.
A lover, who will never take me for granted.
A lover, who will never mind how I look without covers.
And I feel like all the radiations are drained back in my soul,
Now I feel truly complete; I feel truly whole.
He was witty, he took what he wanted, he was clever;
But loving myself was the best decision ever.

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