Thursday, 25 August 2016

The Innate Curse.

yk.. things seem perfect in my life, but they aren't. I am just too scared to accept it. 'cuz I don't wanna loose. I am fighting alone. and am 'smiling' (bruhh!) . I crunch my eyes hard pretending to laugh out crazy not because it's all too bubbly; but 'cuz my feared that my eyes would spill the overflowing pain my heart keeps.

They say, your eyes show your soul.

 But darling, looking down into mine's you'll see burning volcanoes spitting lava and dancing demons- the chariots ripping out my skin to kill the hope left and dinning the kindness.

My eyes hold destruction.
There's no more love left.
No stars, no fairies or blooming flowers- no calm nights or the sparkling world you saw in them.
They destroyed it all. They seized those memories, those moments and gave immortal pain in turn.

No baby, my smile no more light this world. My giggles sign painful cries and fearful screams.
My happiness now render death.
My presence do not make it all perfect, anymore. But it turns the realm towards apocalypse..

~Varia xoxo

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