Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Dear Oppo.

Some ppl "who 'mean' a lot in my life" (bruhh.. that's what they told me) has actually done nothing except bringing me to the lives of such beautiful souls and making me a part of this place (thanks! :|), for me to glance once, how is this world; how is God's creation, and what the 'humans' have done to it.
In my vocabulary, 'humans' means 'the descendants of humanity'  
huh! but the generations are loosing this term somewhere in the past ways. But who bothers to carry it home?!
The world cries oceans in death of devils; but the tears turns expensive for the angels.

Dear God,
Strange is this place.
Strange is your creation.
ik you didn't put me here to criticize it all but to adjust and move on. But the Almighty, You created me' yk the rules and regulations of this scene are not a part of my plate.
Moving from person to person, per kilometer, per mile, humans are moving ahead towards a 'bright future' leaving the 'torches' behind.
Dear God, to be frank,
did you forgot to put this thingy called 'justice' while making us?!
Like, ik some have it in their fate but those who need it the most are starving for it from eras!!
Like, dude, how can YOU be unfair?!

I've heard, 'life's unfair'; but they say You'll take care of your saints.
But they do omit that this life, this game, this arena, is all your creation!

Again, I ain't criticizing you God.
I am not.
I do Love You.
and I do Believe in You.
All my faith and hope and every breath belongs to You.

But bro, aren't we buddies, huh?!
Like since the day i breathed first, you've been here; like just here; right on the left side of my breast. and ik even after this time, you'll stay w/ me, no matter what.
That means we're gonna be together like forever, umm.. actually even after that!
so.. why not be friends?!
Like we'll share our problems, our opinions, and my flaws. and from my lil' efforts and yours' major, someday we'll make this world some place where we can chill out together; w/ no worries in our heads, no pains in our hearts, no teras in our eyes; but the lights in our eyes, only smiles and crazy laughs and crackles.

I'll have patience for that time bro, and I'll work.😏 This time, am gonna work w/ chu.. at you're side. 😉
♫'Demons never bothered me anyway!'♫
Hakuna Matata!!

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