Saturday, 14 April 2018



If you like something like veg biriyani,
May be you're not my type.
(Wrong typo)
If yo girl boss ain't no who Bani,
Then Maybe you're not my type.
(Wrong typo)
And if you like hanging when it's burning hell and sunny,
Then maybe you're not my type.
(Wrong typo)

Oh, all these typos are wrong and we have gone too far in this race. (To far in this race) uh
The race has a craze, hold on your pace, preserve that face;
gonna shine and chase, the demons in the maze, (the demons in the maze)
all hunting and shouting and screaming to eat up your soul (eat up your soul)
Peasants all running and calling and asking you to bow who?, you know (who you know)
And the bad bish says(says)
I play pretty games (pretty games)
But she has no clue(no clue)
Those walls weren't blue(weren't blue)

I did on some work, to bring that ass up, and show up the world (up the world)
that things do change and ppl fades and life is a maze (amaze)
That the world throw shades and want all maids and shut all the gates(all gates)

But yk you're worthy, no milky but curdy, hook up the hoodie(hook up the hoodie)
and hustle like Birdy(Birdy),
And change up the rhyme, you revolve the chyme, in no effin time
And make lemonade when life throws lime, yeah,uh-huh
When life throws lime.
Just put up your shine and heat the cold, you're the new bold, throw that shit on the faces who say you're old. babe you're gold. Eh, babe you're gold❤️
(Wrong typo)
**some Tune**

Some walls are built to be broken


He filled me. He made me feel whole;
But so silly of me to love him; oh baby he was a black hole,
Drained all my energy juices and filled the spaces with blurry clouds calling for his name.
But so silly of me to love him; it was all a part of his game.
And now I am scared to break these walls and step out again, it's scary.
Can't scream my mind out loud, so I poured it all to my diary.
But the sun still shines ik, like it used to do.
The stars still twinkle ik, like they used to do.
My heart is still beating ik, like it used to do.
But not for him now, "so who?"
For someone who ik will never leave.
For someone who, ik, will never cheat.
For a person so pretty, I am not afraid to loose myself.
Someone so beautiful like your fav book seated on a book shelf.
For someone who will carse the scars on my soul.
For someone who'll make me feel whole.
This time, I guess I found the right person.
I heard them whisper "best couple under the sun"
And I shied a lil and so did my better half;
after all we were one, we took a big ass chance.
Loosing him was scary, but loving someone again was daring.
I wanted to be on a safe side, feel my pain and whisper, "hey love, it's alright"
That's when I decided to stop and face the mirror,
This time I didn't see a competitor, but a lover.
A lover, who will love me as much as I will love her.
A lover, who knows deeply about my suffer.
A lover, who will never take me for granted.
A lover, who will never mind how I look without covers.
And I feel like all the radiations are drained back in my soul,
Now I feel truly complete; I feel truly whole.
He was witty, he took what he wanted, he was clever;
But loving myself was the best decision ever.

Bhumi takes on the depression rap


No, I cannot get all gloomy drained sad again.
Miss on nothing and get deep attached again.
Coz he's a mess
And he'll mess my brain.
He is fake
And all my love will go in vain, ik.
I know it won't last forever.
Some things are supposed to end in December.
The year will change and so will the calendar
And my depression will peak up the standard.

All these nights, all these cries, all these voices;
Echo in my head, leave me with no choices.
But I am a man, not a chap, not your local pap.
I will do my shit and build my castle with all the shit I have.
Will slay the rules, climb the top, throw the mop yeah
Will make you woo in pain that'll be so 10/10.

They say,
things are supposed to last on forever,
but I think we were supposed to end in December.
Maybe let's break up like past November?
Ik you'll come back to eff me, shitty member.
You ain't no sick you're a bitch you never loved me.
You only wanted me sad, see the razor blade touch me .

Ik you only love it when my wrist, my shit bleeds like hell.
The scars will fade away but the wounds can't help, just swell.

You and I,
we both know who cry.
Every night.
Ig it's not working fine.
Time to go; I think I will leave, bye.
"See you later?" Eh, naah don't you even try.

Friday, 9 February 2018



He don't wanna lose me, he said.
My body's shivering, and I am scared.
Scared of love.
Scared of loving him and not being loved back.
Scared of his words.
What if they're a part of a nicely knitted hoax.
He don't wanna lose me, he said.
But I am scared.
Scared, that I'll lose myself in him.
That I'll let myself drown and almost die, again.
That I'll find myself in an abandoned place, like an abandoned bag of rubbish;
In a deserted place which resembles the place I dreamt of in no way, when I'll open my eyes.
I don't wanna be hurt.
I know you won't.
I don't wanna be cheated on.
I know you won't.
I am scared; that one day you'll get tired of me and go.
I hope you won't.

Monday, 20 March 2017

Dear Assaulter.


You saw me. But that wasn’t enough. You wanted me w/o covers. idk what drove on you that stint that you forgot all the manners and good stuff we learned at school? Maybe your manliness dominated over your heart. You knew I am weak to fight. That’s what people out in public told you.  If I resist, it’s a yes. That’s what your seniors told you.  Do it if you’re son of a real man; knock her down. That’s what your friends told you. Maybe the Satan knows what made your masculine frame rule out my wan spirit.

But guess what? You didn’t unveil your brawn but highlighted the frightful clouds surrounding your perception. You were strong, no? Still you chose the night when I was walking home on a lonely thoroughfare. You grabbed my hand and the ‘opportunity’. You dragged me to the earth, tore my clothes and forced your ‘thing’ in me. But the pleasurable hole did lead you to an expanse darker than the hour of omens.

The school taught you about women empowerment but this society taught you that I am weak. They taught you that you are a ‘man’. But tell me, you mister, rushing on a stag like a wolf-is it manly? Your beard does not define how valiant you are, your acts do.  And now your eyes will split the guilt when you’ll see me walking through the same thoroughfare, all alone, in a darker night, still confident and unbreakable.

What did you do? The ‘opportunity’ that you grabbed was actually the key to the apocalypse that steered you to the worst nightmare. You thought you’ll ruin me. You thought I’ll lose.
The society taught you that I am weak. But they didn’t tell you that I am stronger than you could ever be. You invited your end, but you can’t escape this easy. You’ll regret your nasty act ‘cuz that’s all you could do then.
They told you were strong?
~Varia xo

Monday, 16 January 2017

एक रही।


न जाने किन राहों में चलते-चलते, खो गए हैं हम
इन गुलशन तन्हाइयों के बीच, सपनें सो गए हैं अब। 

दिलों की है ये दास्तान, 
सब नसीब का है कारोबार 
इन्ही गुमशुदा राहों में 
ज़िन्दगी से आँखें हुई थीं चार। 

झाँका था उस समय जब हमने दीवार के उस पार,
दिखे कुछ बिखरे हुए सपने,
कुछ धुंधली-धुंधली यादें,
कुछ महोब्बत के दो पल, ज़ार-ज़ार।

इस कचरे के ढेर में, इस नापाक समुन्दर में 
दिखा था एक राही, अपनी राह बनाता हुआ; 
भटका एक बेचारा, ज़िन्दगी के गीत गुनगुनाता हुआ। 

कुछ सपनों को समेटके, कुछ यादों को भुला के, 
मोहब्बत के पाठ पढता हुआ। 

जेबें खली थीं उसकी 
मगर मुठ्ठी थी बंद,
आँखें थीं थकी-हारी,
पर झलका रहीं थीं उमंग।  

खोज में कुछ पाने की निकला था ये राही,
कुछ सपने पूरे करने निकला था ये राही। 

न जाने कैसे इस मोड़ पर ला खड़ा किया ज़िन्दगी ने उसे 
जहां खुद की पहचान भूल, वो खुदा से पूछ रहा था,

या अल्ला! ये क्या हुआ है मुझे!
क्यों अपना आशियाना छोड़, इन गलियों में भटक रहा हूँ। 
न जाने क्या पाने के लिए दीवारों में सर पटक रहा हूँ। 

सुनकर उसकी पुकार, देवताओं ने दिया उसे जवाब,
ऐ मूर्ख! तू है मेरी औलाद, क्यों निकला तू इन राहों में 
गुलशन था तेरा जीवन, क्यों निकला तू इन गलियों, इन चौबारों में। 

बहुत देखे तूने सुख, शायद यही था तेरे नसीब को मंज़ूर 
बहुत देखे तूने सुख, शायद यही था तेरे नसीब को मंज़ूर,
थोड़ा गम का प्याला चख, ले ज़िन्दगी का तू मज़ा 
दो दिन की बात है, हंसकर काट ले ये सज़ा। 

बादलों के बीच से एक आवाज़ चीख़ की आई, 
छाती से होते हुए उसके दिल में जा समाई। 

"जी हुज़ूर", कहकर वो बढ़ चला उसी राह में;
खो गई थी उसकी पहचान,
भूल चूका था वो सारे गम;
बस आखों में थे कुछ सपने, 
व दिल में थी जीने की उमंग 
व दिल में थी जीने की उमंग 
व दिल में थी जीने की उमंग।


Friday, 13 January 2017

जय जवान।

thank you. 

सरहद पर 
कभी ठंड में 
कभी चिचिलाती धुप में 
इस देश को छाँव करता है 
मेरे देश का जवान कुछ ऐसा है। 

खुद के त्यौहार कुर्बान करके 
दुश्मन के अड्डे तबाह करके 
वो सीमाओं की सुरक्षा करता है 
मेरे देश का जवान कुछ ऐसा है। 

बेख़बर कार्तिक-फाल्गुन के 
बमों की आकाशबाज़ी 
व ख़ून की होली वो खेलता है 
मेरे देश का जवान कुछ ऐसा है। 

खुदके कपड़े एक-रंगा कर 
परिवार अपना बेरंगा कर 
इस देश को सतरंगा रंगता है 
मेरे देश का जवान कुछ ऐसा है। 

अपनी नींदे भुला के 
बिना पलक झपकाए 
जिसको तैनात देख,
दुश्मन दबे पैर भग जाए।  

कभी पिता, कभी पति,
कभी भाई, कभी बंधु ;

कभी ममता के आँचल में 
कभी भारत की मिट्टी में जो सोता है 
इस देश का जवान कुछ ऐसा है
मेरे देश का जवान कुछ ऐसा है



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