Saturday, 13 August 2016

Talking On Feminism.

Hi! I am Varia. Over her again with the mess in my head. So today, my mind's working on feminism.
I wanna began w/ an elementary query-
             'Are you a Feminist?'
The word involved believing and supporting the idea that women should get equal rights and opportunities as men.
Sounds cool, doesn't it?
But this lil' remark, demands the fire of labor to revamp and grow and outshine the monsters prevailing in us.
The way is too long; and the stumbling blocks of this dready world are halting for us on the concrete.
        If you believe in giving women equal rights, then you might agree with me on surmising that the punishments should be equal too.
If yes, then you are a real feminist for me.  
If you believe in feminism when you walk in the crowd and the idea slowly degrades slowly as you step in your thoroughfare, then my dear, the feminism you show is FAKE!
The real feminism comes when you don't drop your jaw seeing a guy wearing makeup; when you don't widen your eyes seeing his done nails, or wearing him a pink shirt w/ funky yellow pants.
my inspiration: Manny Mua
Tag yourself a feminist if you won't narrow your retina next time you see a lady from village earning livelihood in town, or glancing at one riding motorcycle showing her femur.
Feminism not only empowers women. But it builds a safer and happier place for all to live.
Trust me.
When the beads of justice and equality will roll on the roads of hope, the world will be a better place to live.

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