Monday, 20 March 2017

Dear Assaulter.

You saw me. But that wasn’t enough. You wanted me w/o covers. idk what drove on you that stint that you forgot all the manners and good stuff we learned at school? Maybe your manliness dominated over your heart. You knew I am weak to fight. That’s what people out in public told you.  If I resist, it’s a yes. That’s what your seniors told you.  Do it if you’re son of a real man; knock her down. That’s what your friends told you. Maybe the Satan knows what made your masculine frame rule out my wan spirit.

But guess what? You didn’t unveil your brawn but highlighted the frightful clouds surrounding your perception. You were strong, no? Still you chose the night when I was walking home on a lonely thoroughfare. You grabbed my hand and the ‘opportunity’. You dragged me to the earth, tore my clothes and forced your ‘thing’ in me. But the pleasurable hole did lead you to an expanse darker than the hour of omens.

The school taught you about women empowerment but this society taught you that I am weak. They taught you that you are a ‘man’. But tell me, you mister, rushing on a stag like a wolf-is it manly? Your beard does not define how valiant you are, your acts do.  And now your eyes will split the guilt when you’ll see me walking through the same thoroughfare, all alone, in a darker night, still confident and unbreakable.

What did you do? The ‘opportunity’ that you grabbed was actually the key to the apocalypse that steered you to the worst nightmare. You thought you’ll ruin me. You thought I’ll lose.
The society taught you that I am weak. But they didn’t tell you that I am stronger than you could ever be. You invited your end, but you can’t escape this easy. You’ll regret your nasty act ‘cuz that’s all you could do then.
They told you were strong?
~Varia xo

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