Saturday, 14 April 2018


If you like something like veg biriyani,
May be you're not my type.
(Wrong typo)
If yo girl boss ain't no who Bani,
Then Maybe you're not my type.
(Wrong typo)
And if you like hanging when it's burning hell and sunny,
Then maybe you're not my type.
(Wrong typo)

Oh, all these typos are wrong and we have gone too far in this race. (To far in this race) uh
The race has a craze, hold on your pace, preserve that face;
gonna shine and chase, the demons in the maze, (the demons in the maze)
all hunting and shouting and screaming to eat up your soul (eat up your soul)
Peasants all running and calling and asking you to bow who?, you know (who you know)
And the bad bish says(says)
I play pretty games (pretty games)
But she has no clue(no clue)
Those walls weren't blue(weren't blue)

I did on some work, to bring that ass up, and show up the world (up the world)
that things do change and ppl fades and life is a maze (amaze)
That the world throw shades and want all maids and shut all the gates(all gates)

But yk you're worthy, no milky but curdy, hook up the hoodie(hook up the hoodie)
and hustle like Birdy(Birdy),
And change up the rhyme, you revolve the chyme, in no effin time
And make lemonade when life throws lime, yeah,uh-huh
When life throws lime.
Just put up your shine and heat the cold, you're the new bold, throw that shit on the faces who say you're old. babe you're gold. Eh, babe you're gold❤️
(Wrong typo)
**some Tune**

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