Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Entangled Sundered Paisans

"you guys are ruling over our land."

"hey! Kashmir is ours!!"

"nope gurll.. you don't know the truth. stop talking rubbish when you know less than half of the whole matter."

"and what 'bout Baloch?"

"better we won't talk 'bout this matter ever again."

"i never started it. you initiated the drama."

Right from that day, we never ever talked again.
So strange, just how for a piece of land, a lovable friendship was broken. Just how I lost my crazy buddy 'cuz of undesignated screenplay.

Shaifali and Fahid have been together since the times immemorial. They met on internet, became friends, accepted each other's tastes and explored into each others' lives.
Chatting till late nights, they've developed a strange bond that was left unbroken by the borders separating their countries.

"I am a Pakistani."

Shaifali skipped a beat reading his text.

"umm.. I am from India."

"nice!" he said.

"yeah, ikr! btw, how was your exam tho?!"

And their chat went on. For a sec, Shaifali thought it will end forever when he'll get to know that she belonged to India.

Lying in bed and peeping to the bright moon, Shaifali wondered what Fahid would have been thinking when she texted him her nationality. Doesn't it affected any of his idea 'bout her?

"you know.."


"you're special. you're my special friend!"

"wow! you're too♥  thanks btw, ahah! idk how i manage to receive special privileges everywhere!"

"gurll.. i told you, you're a really special person."

"umm.. special 'cuz i have graceful souls in my lives to perfect me!"

"we're surely gonna meet someday."

"yes! come here to India! i'll greet you at the station!"

"hey! you come here! we've got a direct train b/w Lahore and India. I'll receive you w/ immense respect and care.."

"nope. ik it'll be a 'no' when i'll ask my fam for an international trip. you come!"

"haha!! okayy i will surely."

"and i am gonna attend your Nikah for sure."

"ahaha i'll ask the Kazi to wait for you and then we'll begin the ceremony!"


Talking to him was so fun!
While texting each other, they dived into the sea so deep that their hearts met, dissolving up the cracks their nationalities ever built b/w them.
For those hours, they forgot the conflict of Kashmir; 'bout the wars, strikes and everything.
What meant was if they are happy in their lives.

This was what meant the most.
This was what was most prior to them.

"nope gurll.. you don't know the truth. stop talking rubbish when you know less than half of the whole matter."

Those words still echoed in her heart highlighting up the inborn cracks this world ever built.

That was the time she woke up and her beautiful dream broke.
Looking 'round what she saw was conflict and quarrel b/w the two countries.

Lying in her bed, she peeped out of the window once again.

Looking at the calm and quiet sky she thought, if they could ever be so..

~Varia xoxo 


*am sorry if i ever hurt anybody. i apologize. that wasn't intentional. intentional was the message i wanted to convey, what the war is doing; how deep the cracks have grown. no country is damaged. the real bruises belong to love and humanity.


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