Wednesday, 5 October 2016

The Delphic Affair..💗

My friends said no.

They told me he's bad.

They warned me not to play.

But gambling w/ fire has been in my blood.

I was the Queen of my life. So I did what my heart told me to.

For my friends, I was still the girl who don't give a damn to guys. But it was too tough to hold on the spark that run in my body, when our eyes hook up in the middle of the class.

Heading down to my desk, I'd be checking him out for those seven minutes I got- his beard dripping elixir and his cheeks showing grace.
And when he runs his hand through his hair, I'd be gasping and pinching myself, to held on the overflowing thunder his one move generated in me.

I knew he felt the same.

I knew the fire was in him too.

"You've got an amazayn chance to boost up your score, gurrl!!"
somebody told me when I disclosed 'bout him.

I took it to be God's indications.

I let myself fall for him.

I broke the walls.

I cut the ropes and sailed the ship.

Slowly but soon, the glances changed to smiles and giggles. Talking in eyes, we told each other so many things w/o even spelling a word out of our lips. Finding ways to chatter at least once, became our daily goals.

I could feel the warmth in his soul while talking to him.

I could see the volcanoes burning in his eyes. His every touch burst love to every inch of my meat.

In the class, we sat two rows apart, but our souls dived into the oceans of love so deep that we lost ourselves in each others' eyes.

Soon the lil' talks changed to long texts. Moving 'round the whole school w/ bangs under my eyes but still smile on my lips was as mysterious to them, as he was to me.

We got to know more 'bout each other.
We enrolled ourselves deeper into this.

Don't know when long texts changed to rendezvous and when I got my wits, I found myself running my hand through his hair and loosing myself into his eyes.

~Varia xoxo

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