Saturday, 31 December 2016

Dear 2k17.

And another year passed. Everything is new, and so is me.
"somethings never change", they say. The mirror was the proof.

The pain that my eyes reflected and crystals of tears are still unchanged. 
    but Dear World, 
        look deeper.

My eyes now reflect the joy of being hurt, the happiness of falling apart and the delight of surviving the times which seemed endless. Peeking into past, I see scars- proving how far I've moved. There were smiles that i deserved and times when i was just Satan's play doll.
But see, i am happy; 'cuz i am alive. Still perplexed, wasting my life running in search of spare i worth. 

But yeah, happy in this mess and a bit satisfied. 
2k17 will see a different me. I am all set to walk on new adventure and unrevealed new experiences. 

Soothing all my bruises, packing up my bag, tightening my shoe lace, here i stand to travel in time once again; but this time, to a bright future.

Dear 2k17,
 ready to bear new storms;
 ready to face stronger me?

~Varia xoxo

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