Monday, 14 November 2016

Dear Alluring Ally. (:

yk the times you got some ppl to your life and you get into them so so much that you never wanna leave them ever.
Some ppl whom you don't even know and who don't know you, but still you guys become friends.
There are such persons in your life that you find at some point in your life who are miles and miles away from you but still fathom you better than someone 'sooo' close to you.

If you've got such friends whom you could say how bad your day was, w/ whom your secrets are no more secrets, w/ whom you could talk 'bout your broken heart, moreover the broken you.

They heal every edge of you.

Such idiots are love! <3

They are masterpieces born to fix every ripped part of your life and fill your memories w/ giggles.

They are the angels God had sent to you.
They are some like lucky charms!
Someone calm like a cloud, gorgeous like crystals and precious as guinea pig! ahaha!!

To all such beautiful hearts existing out there, thank you!

To all those pretty 'donuts' who smiled while reading this, you it was for YOU!

idk where I'd have been w/o you. Anyways, what matters is where I am.
I am here, smiling, and still standing 'cuz of you.

Thanks for letting me know I am beautiful 😉
Happy birthday, love 😘
~Varia 😄 xoxo

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